Business Area Data Model

Customer Service

The key to maintaining good customer relationships is good customer service coupled with exceptional products and services.

Customer service encompasses a wide range of activities:

Information InquiriesComplaints
Service RequestsUpgrades
Billing InquiriesReturns

Customer Service provides the ability to take the pulse of the organization by providing direct information from the customer about their relationships with the organization and its products and services.

The ability to track, report and resolve service requests and propagate that information throughout the organization is a proactive way to deal with potential problems at an early stage.

The Customer Service data model establishes a data architecture accomplishing these activities.

Service RequestResolution
PriorityProduct Impact
AssignmentCustomer Survey
IssueResponsible Organization
ActivityCosts and Allocations
StaffingService Metrics

The Customer Service model can be seamlessly integrated with other ADRM Software models to support trends analysis, quality issues and analytic services.