Business Area Data Model


Geography is one of the most important and least understood and applied components of available information.

ADRM Software has several country-specific geography models that address the unique geographic hierarchies and data for that country.

The geography models are extended with data addressing meteorology, climate and landform.

There is a considerable volume of geographic information available for each country that is well-defined, updated, readily available and free or at nominal cost.

For example, the US Census Bureau defines geography by many dimensions via Shapefiles and MAF/TIGER data that is available for public download and use.

Customers, markets, marketing, advertising orders, BBB and a variety of related data can all be targeted or related to past and current geographic data and trends which provides the organization with valuable insight into what is happening.

It is an important design consideration that organizations takes advantage of available geographic information by implementing their data architecture consistently with standardized country or third-party provider data.

The Geography data model presents a data architecture that identifies and relates the many levels of geography that may be applied to the organization operations.