Business Area Data Model

Individual Customer Credit & Collections

Customer is the focus of every business.

A successful relationship with the customer provides the revenues needed by the business.

Implied within the relationship is the assumption that the customer will honor their financial obligations and pay for products and services in a timely manner as agreed.

It is more expensive for a business to have customers that do not pay their bills than it is to not have those customers.

Credit qualification of prospective customers and credit status identification of existing customers is an important and ongoing activity for business.

Individual customers are different from legal entity customers in their credit characteristics, data and sources of of data.

Individual credit information typically comes from both internal and external sources such as Transunion, Experian and Equifax.

The Credit & Collections Individual Customer Business Area Model integrates information from both internal and external sources to provide a comprehensive credit reporting data architecture.

Credit ReportLoans
Credit History and RatingsBankruptcies
Public RecordsCollections
Consumer StatementsGarnishments
Current Account StatusLiens
Financial ProfileSuits
Life EventsUCC Filings

The data model can be seamlessly integrated with other ADRM Software financial models such as Legal Entity Customer Credit & Collections, Order, and Credit Reporting Services.