Industry Data Model

Petroleum Refining

The petroleum refining segment of the oil and gas industry processes crude oil and transforms it into more useful products. ADRM Software's Petroleum Refining data model set consists of Enterprise, Business Area, and Data Warehouse logical data models that address the information requirements of companies engaged in this complex and capital and information intensive part of the global petroleum industry.

Oil refineries are large industrial complexes containing many constituent parts such as various types of cracking units, heat exchangers, distillation columns and storage tanks for both inputs and outputs to various processes, among many other components, along with miles of pipes and a myriad of valves and other control points. Most of this infrastructure is heavily instrumented and generates huge amounts of valuable information as it creates products ranging from gasoline and diesel to kerosene and heating oil to naphtha and asphalt, among many others.

In addition to the need to monitor and maintain the extensive facility and the assets deployed there, refiners need to manage many complex refinery processes, while also managing all of the usual functions of any large business, ranging from fielding a skilled workforce to responding to incidents and interacting with customers and suppliers. ADRM’s set of Petroleum Refining data models helps refiners ensure that they have a comprehensive and robust information infrastructure to support analytics about all aspects of their complex business.

Many petroleum refining organizations are also involved in marketing and trading activities, including for the purpose of hedging costs of their inputs and anticipated future production, and may therefore be interested to learn more about ADRM's Energy & Commodity Trading Solution Model. Those petroleum refining companies that are also involved in the midstream business may also be interested to learn more about ADRM's Oil & Gas Midstream data models. Those refiners who have downstream retail distribution businesses may be interested to learn about ADRM's Oil & Gas Downstream data models.