Industry Data Model

Automotive Products

The automotive industry designs, develops, markets and manufactures motor vehicles and is one of the most important economic sectors globally.

Motor vehicles must conform to new design, efficiency, safety and environmental laws and mandates globally, which require the application of new materials, design and technologies.

These demands have resulted in the introduction of new technologies such as robotics or collaborative robots, flexible production lines to adjust to market demand and an integrated ('Kaizen') approach to identifying and solving problems.

The global importance of the automobile manufacturing industry is evident in the numbers.

The Automobile Manufacturing data model set consists of Enterprise, Business Area, and Data Warehouse logical data models that address the comprehensive data, reporting and analytic requirements of companies in this industry.

Vehicle/Model/StyleCustomer Service
ManufacturingFinancial Reporting
PricingBusiness Metrics
Marketing & AdvertisingOrder

The Automobile Manufacturing industry models are designed to integrate with other ADRM Software offerings such as Freight & Logistics and Heavy Vehicle Manufacturing.