Industry Data Model

Mobile Wireless Devices

Mobile wireless devices have the capability to connect to the internet or computer networks. Mobile wireless devices support a variety of services including:

EmailInternet faxing
Mobile callingInternet browsing
Text messaging

Mobile wireless devices are becoming a dominant means of socializing, accessing the www and doing business.

The sales of mobile wireless devices is predicted to reach 95 million units by 2012.

The Mobile Wireless Devices industry model set consists of Enterprise, Business Area, and Data Warehouse logical data models developed for companies manufacturing and marketing mobile wireless devices.

The Mobile Wireless Devices data models provide an comprehensive data architecture that supports the integrated information requirements of companies manufacturing and marketing mobile devices.

Marketing & AdvertisingFinancial Reporting
InventoryBusiness Metrics

The Mobile Wireless Devices industry models can be integrated with other ADRM Software industry models such as Software, Internet, Retail and High Tech Components to provide expanded coverage.